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New Post has been published on http://www.shilohwalker.com/website/2014/04/net-galley-users-break-for-me-long-for-me/

Net Galley users.. Break for Me & Long for Me!

If you use Net Galley, Break for Me & Long for Me are up there.  Dunno how long they’ll be there, so grab them while you can.

Break for Me

Long for Me

Slowly pulling the pics off my phone.  There are…gulp, over 800.  Not all are from Scotland.  This is one of my favorites.

New Post has been published on Shiloh Walker

New Post has been published on http://www.shilohwalker.com/website/2014/04/twenty-eight-days-to-rt-and-counting/

Twenty Eight Days to RT…and Counting.

I refuse to believe that’s how much time we have.  I also refuse to look at a calendar, for fear that number is right.

Are you going to RT?  If you’ve never been, there are some things you need to know.

You don’t get a lot of sleep.  You walk a lot.  Cons are notorious for making people sick.  Food is often a) forgotten b) expensive c) both.

In the spirit of things, I decided to do an RT Survival post.  We see a lot of these this time of year.

I decided to do my own.  Cuz I’m lazy and this is easy and I got books to write.

So my suggestions, in no particular order:

  1. Comfy shoes…remember, you’ll walk a lot.  If you can do cute & comfy, go for it.  I’m more for being comfortable, though.
  2. hand sanitizer…that little kind you can throw in your bag.  If you’re flying, you might want to just buy some and throw them into a ziploc bag to keep in your suitcase, but trust me, you want hand sanitizer.  You will shake hands, you touch things, you will pick things up and as much as it pains me to say this, people don’t always wash their hands. You might be in a bathroom where the soap has run out.  You want hand sanitizer.
  3. Motrin…you’re going to be a place packed with lots of people and many are excited and talking loud, plus you’ll be on your feet a lot, often with little sleep and running on caffeine and often little food.  Mortin or Tylenol or your preferred method of alleviating pain is a wise choice.  Also, if you’re up late and drinking?  Yep.
  4. Water bottle…handy to keep in your convention bag. Keep it full and drink, so you don’t get dehydrated.  That also helps fight the creeping crud.  If you are gonna be up late and drinking? Keep hydrated with water throughout helps avoid hangovers. ;)
  5. Speaking of drinking…if you’re out and about…watch your drink.  While absolutely in a perfect world, you should be safe to go out with friends, have a few drinks and have fun, it’s not a perfect world. You can find tips on staying safe in social situations at RAINN.org
  6. Leave room in your suitcase…yeah, yeah, I know most of us are going to try and pack as much as we can so we aren’t lugging a bunch around, but if you’ve never been to RT, then you might not know about the swag.  There are totes a plenty given away.  Books. Pens. Bookmarks. Etc.  You’ll need room somewhere for that stuff.
  7. snacks…I mentioned that we don’t always have time to eat, right? Plus food isn’t always the cheapest thing to come by.  Taking some of those meal bars, trail mix, etc can cut down on how many meals you have to buy.  You can also find friends that you can maybe go together in on ordering pizza and that sort of thing.
  8. Emergen-C…if you can take it, it can help booster your immune system so you can avoid the creeping crud.  Cons & conferences are notorious for this…people are in closed areas and the fact is, we rush around, we don’t eat enough, we don’t rest enough and other factors contribute to that lovely thing we call the creeping crud.  Emergen-C can help.

Tips offered via twitter!

New Post has been published on Shiloh Walker

New Post has been published on http://www.shilohwalker.com/website/2014/04/winner-deeper-than-need/


We have a winner

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you didn’t win but still wanna read it, it will be out in less than two months. :)

Deeper Than Need

**Note…excerpt is from my editing copy-may contain typos

Rattling.  Metal rattling and clinking.  Courtesy dictated that she leave and she looked around once more for Noah, but he wasn’t in there.

“Come on, Micah…”

He slipped free of her hand and darted forward.

“Micah Dean Ewing,” she snapped, starting forward.  As she brushed by the desk, her purse bumped against a stack of folders and she swore, catching them as they started to topple over.

She righted them just as Micah opened the door to the back of the office. That rattling and clinking got louder.

She also heard a sound she hadn’t heard earlier…grunting.

Micah’s eyes popped wide, rounding in his young face as a grin crooked his lips.  “Wow…” he mouthed, lifting a hand to point.

“Micah,” she whispered, reaching to pull him away.  But as she did, she couldn’t help but look.

Wow, indeed.

Damn her lack of control anyway.

The rattling and clinking came from a chain…one that was connected to a punching bag and that punching bag was being pummeled, very proficiently, it seemed, by Noah.  Noah, who had stripped down to a pair of running shorts and now he wore just the shorts and a pair of boxing gloves.

Sweat gleamed along his black, arms, and shoulders.  Muscles flexed under smooth skin and that fine sheen of sweat just served to draw the eye even more.  She wanted to drop everything she was doing and just cross the floor, rest her hands on his arms, stroke them down and then lean in, kiss the sculpted muscle…

Trinity stood there staring and the familiar burn of hunger punched through her, vicious and power, turning her blood to fire and her knees to water.  Oh.  Oh, my… I like.  I like so very much

Son of a bitch, this was getting out of control.  If it was anybody else, she’d probably just bite the bullet and ask him out, see what happened.

But how did you go about telling a preacher that you were dying of lust?  She was going to burn in hell for this. There had to be some sort of law or commandment or something against lusting over preachers, right?  She was certain of it.

He was just so very, very pretty to look at…

Swallowing, she tried to tear her eyes but after a few failed attempts, she decided, What the hell. I’m already on the path to damnation anyway.  I might as well have a nice memory to take with me…Memories they way muscles rippled and flexed.  She’d wondered how he’d look under those faded T-shirts, the worn jeans. And oh, man…he shifted a little and she caught sight of his chest.  He had chest hair.  A light dusting of it, just enough to feel so good. Trinity felt her fixation teeter on the edge of obsession, ready to topple over.  How would it feel to curl her fingers in the light scattering of it, to have it rubbing over her breasts as he moved over her—

“Noah! That is awesome!”

Blood rushed to her face and she cut those thoughts off, humiliated. She looked down at the towheaded, devious little angel standing next to her.  How could somebody who looked so sweet be so good at embarrassing her?

The clinking stopped.

Breathing shallowly, she lifted her gaze and found herself staring into the dark, deep blue of Noah Benningfield’s eyes.  Normally, she avoided looking into his eyes for very long—they were too penetrating and she had the most disturbing image that he could see straight through her, see all the shadows she was trying to put behind her, the regrets and doubts, the anger.  Everything.  She felt stripped bare around him and it didn’t help that he’d been there holding her as she felt apart.

But if she didn’t look in his eyes, she was going to look at other body parts. That chest, heavily layered with muscle and that tempting line of hair, his flat belly, the way his shorts rode low on his hipbones and the gleam of sweat on his skin.

She wanted to go over and lean it, press her lips to his chest and licked away one of those beads that was rolling down his pectorals.

Lust, the low, insistent tug of it, clenched in her belly and she had to bite the inside of her cheek to keep from groaning.  Heat flooded her face and she looked down, busied herself with the strap of her purse as she waited for the worst of it to pass.  Too many years had passed since she’d actually wanted a man.  Why did she have to find this one so damned attractive?

“Hi there,” he said, his breaths coming a little heavy.

Reflexively, she looked up just in time to see him flash a smile at her. It was an absent sort of smile, and then he shifted his attention to Micah.  “You out running wild on the town there, kid?”

“Mom wants your job.”

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Secrets & Shadows Book 1 


IRS targets Americans for their parents’ old debts

 Oh, HELLO… this is bullshit!

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The truth about friendzoning.

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Namibia’s Hipsters: From the sapeurs of Kinshasa, the fashionistas of Lagos and to the streets of Jozi, vintage style is trending in Africa.   

Designer, tailor and stylist Lourens Loux Gebhardt of Loux the Vintage Guru is now collaborating with Khumbala, a group of stylists and designers from Johannesburg, to launch a street-style website that seeks to inspire Africans to step out in style and introduce them to the merits of vintage fashion.

A fashion revolution in the making; “When we collaborate we call ourselves LIA (Love is African), and we’re currently playing a big part by simply inspiring fashionistas around the African continent.”

Usually decked out in well-cut 60’s suits, tweed jackets, round spectacles and trilby hats, Lourens explains, “Many people aren’t interested in wearing vintage, they just see it as used clothing… I manage to dress myself cheaply and end up looking like a million bucks.”

photos: ©Harness Hamese and ©Lukas Amakali. all rights reserved

louxthevintageguru amazing and inspiring - much love from nyc

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