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A couple more hits on the blog stop… if you visit, you can enter to win that Coach purse.

Smexy Fab Four

Queen of the Night

My street team leader helps put the blog tours together and those on my street team often get early readers and I do random draws for prizes and stuff, plus try to get together for drinks and that sort of thing when I know we’ll be in the same area for cons.  It’s fairly low key, but if you’re a blogger or if you review on GRs or would like to pass out bookmarks to your bookclub, that kind of thing, you can read more here.

FYI, joining doesn’t guarantee anything..I try rotate things around, but I make no promises.

New Post has been published on Shiloh Walker

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How much of a book addict

If you’re here, more than likely, you’re addicted.  I think the quiz is rigged.  I’m much more addicted than this.

buzzfeed book addict

You can take the quiz here.

There’s a book tour going on with the release of BREAK FOR ME…you can hit the blogs and get more chances to win. First stop is here.

Just a reminder, if you review, you can request BREAK FOR ME and LONG FOR ME from Netgalley.  I don’t think they’ll be there long, so grab them while you can.

Break for Me

Long for Me

For those who have read BURN FOR ME and BREAK FOR ME, if you feel so inclined, reviews posted to Amazon, BN, iBooks, etc…it helps a LOT… publishers look at these things and since I’m trying to get them to buy another series, having reviews going up would help an awful lot. Cuz…well, they like seeing those.


“It’s okay, Jensen. I get it.  You and me, we’re not going there.  So I’ll …” He blew out a breath.  “I’ll just stop.”

The words ripped out of her.  “Stop what?”

He didn’t answer.  Long fingers wrapped around the neck of the bottle of Woodford Reserve he had next to him and he rose.  “I hope you can get some rest this weekend.  Find some peace.”

“You didn’t answer me.”

He paused halfway up the steps. “I can’t stop myself from thinking about you.  But I haven’t made much of an attempt to hide the fact that I’m interested.  I can do better, so I will.  You don’t want to see it, so I’ll keep it to myself.  Sooner or later, it will fade.”

Will it?

She stared at the strong line of his back as he crossed the porch, her heart slamming away in her chest.

A knot formed in her throat.

This … this intensity she felt every time she looked at him.  That could fade?

It was the most real thing she’d felt since …

She didn’t even realize she was moving until he’d turned to look at her.

Then she was doing the very thing she’d dreamed about.

His skin was warm against hers, the light stubble scraping against her palms.  Because that light touch wasn’t enough, she kept one palm on his face and then drove the other hand into his hair, tangled it in his dreads.  The texture was coarse against her hand and she shuddered at the thought of feeling him, all of him.

“I don’t want it to fade,” she whispered as she rose onto her toes and pressed her mouth to his.

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New Post has been published on Shiloh Walker

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Break For Me…now available

Keep up with the Bell family…Jensen’s story is now available

Break For Me

“How was your weekend?”

“Enchanting.”  That slow smile tugged at his lips and he asked, “Yours?”

She had to give the man credit.  With a lazy smile and a simple word, he turned her heart to putty and also managed to make her clench with want. Mouth dry, she had to swallow before she could say, “About the same.”



The look that must have been relief melted her that much more.  She went to say something else, but in that moment, an odd hush fell over the bull pen. She looked up and her belly twisted as she realized the guys were turning to look at her, one by one.

“What …” The question died as she caught sight of Chief Sorenson. He stood there, his eyes on her.

She didn’t even understand why, but the look on his face had the strength draining out of her legs.

She sagged back, bracing her hips against the desk as he came striding toward her.

“Jensen, I need to speak with you. Let’s go to my office.”


He reached out, touched her arm.

Dazed, she looked down at his hand and then lifted her eyes back to study his heavily lined face.

“Some kids were messing around, down at the river, at the park a few blocks outside of town,” he said, his voice level, pitched low so that only she could hear.  “Come on, now. Come to my office.”

She shoved off the desk, started to move.

But she didn’t head to his office.

She started to run.

By the time any of them realized where she was going, she was already out the door.

Distantly, she heard the slap of shoes behind her. She put on a burst of speed, but still, he caught up with her.

Dark, strong hands caught her arms.


Sucking in desperate breaths of air, she glared at Dean.  “Let me go!”


Her eyes were pure hell.

Reaching up, he cupped her cheek.

“Calm down,” he said softly.  “And I will.”

“Don’t tell me to calm down!”

“I’m not letting you run off in the middle of the street.” He shrugged.  “Sue me.”

Her mouth fell open and then, abruptly, she slumped, her narrow shoulders shuddering as she took in one slow, steadying breath.  “Okay,” she murmured.  “Okay.  I’m good.  I can walk.”

He let her go but instead of moving back, he held out a hand.  “I can walk with you.”

She eyed his hand.

He continued to wait.  “You really want to do this alone?”

She smacked her palm against his and then, as one, they started to move. She was painfully aware of the eyes on them, of Chief Sorenson drawing closer.

Even more, she was aware of the glittering ribbon of the Ohio, just barely visible through the buildings.

They started to walk, her heart pounding in her throat.

The park was only a few blocks away, something she could have reached in two minutes, easy.

It seemed to take forever, though.

By the time they got there, Sorenson was at her side.

And she was clutching Dean’s hand like he was the only thing keeping her from drowning.

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Check out the contest…you can win a Coach purse and books!


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Wanna win?



Giveaway includes:
A coach purse
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Contest starts next week…

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Break for Me…one more day!

For those who celebrate, I hope you had a lovely Easter. We went to sunrise service at church, then had a family pitch with all my brothers, their wives, the kids, my mom…

Comics & movies were discussed. “Who is best…Thor, Superman, the Wolverine or the Hulk…”…then we moved on to the topic of…”Would the Hulk survive if he was fired into the sun?”

So, yeah. That’s an almost normal discussion for my family.

We’re extremely excited about the movies coming out this summer. Books were also discussed.

I might have introduced my oldest nephew to J.D. Robb. He’s a guy who doesn’t mind a little bit of romance in his reads. Which kinda rocks.

Speaking of romance…I have another one due out tomorrow…

Break for Me the second Secrets & Shadows novella, telling the story of Jensen, continuing the story of the Bell siblings.

Break For Me

Everything inside her seemed to melt as his hands raced over her.  Long, agile fingers grabbed the hem of her shirt and before she had a chance to steady herself, he stripped it off.  Two seconds later, her bra followed.  She blinked, dazed, and looked down just in time to see him trailing his fingers down the midline of her torso.

“So damn pretty,” he mused, his voice low and dark and smooth.  It sent shivers down her spine and she found herself mesmerized by the sight of his hands on her.  His hands, beautiful and so dark against her flesh, slid up and cupped her breasts.

She could feel a blush rising up to stain her cheeks red.  She’d never been terribly self-conscious but in that moment, she was.  Her body was what it was—strong, capable, not overly female.

“Look at me.”

Slowly, she lifted her head and found herself staring into his eyes.

“I think I’ve imagined seeing you naked about a thousand times now,” he said.  “I didn’t even come close.”

She didn’t know how to respond to that.  Fortunately, she didn’t have to.

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On a ride

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Net Galley users.. Break for Me & Long for Me!

If you use Net Galley, Break for Me & Long for Me are up there.  Dunno how long they’ll be there, so grab them while you can.

Break for Me

Long for Me