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So… my trip to Turn the Page

First, it was beyond amazing.

The line looked something like this…

Image | Emily @ Inn Boonsboro Image | Emily @ Inn Boonsboro

Speaking of the Inn… a shot from my room

The inn is gorgeous The inn is gorgeous

They start handing out tickets at ten. We stay until all people with a ticket have their books signed. I was told that’s generally until 3-4.

We were still going strong with the AC kicked off at 6. The last book was signed around 6:30. I was planning a funeral for my hands for Monday, but they revived sometime Sunday night on the drive back.

We also visited Vesta Pizza (which is awesome) and Dan’s Taphouse (which is awesome) and Gifts Innsboro (oh my goodness… the pretties in there!).

I met some readers I’ve talked with online, and so many new readers… it was such a blast and everybody was so unbelievably kind. The day was unbelievably long, but people just kept on smiling and being so polite.  It was just…amazing.  The staff at both the Inn and TTP are outstanding.

Also… I DIDN’T FREAK OUT OVER NORA THIS TIME!  I actually held it together!  Of course… the guy was with me and when I started to stutter, he nudged me in the back and said, Stop it already.  Yep.  He grounds me.

We spent the evening chatting at the Inn and I got to see several more of the rooms, because some lovely people were lovely and let me see.  Talked about Scotland with a few of the guests and chatted with Maya Banks for a while and then collapsed into what might be the most amazing tub in the history of the world.

If you ever have the chance to go to a signing there, please do. It’s so lovely. At some point, I have every intention of going back.

Also, if you can stay at the Inn?  DO IT!

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